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Conical gearboxes, which are considered industrial gearboxes, are very widely used and have a high variety. You can contact 09125731994 to order all kinds of bevel gearboxes.

Bevel gearbox is one of the most widely used types of gearboxes in many fields of work, especially in industry, and for this reason it is also referred to as an industrial gearbox. In the construction of these gearboxes, a series of gears with different designs are used and they are available in different types and models. The level of vibration and sound production in these gearboxes is low, and for this reason, they can be used in various fields of work.

From the wide application of these devices, we can mention their use in mother industries and in working with various types of conveyors, conveyors, etc. Due to the wide application of these gearboxes in many fields of work, in this article we are going to introduce bevel gearboxes to all types of these devices (simple bevel model and various spiral bevel models), the advantages of bevel gearbox, its applications, tips It is important to pay attention to the factors affecting the price and how to buy these gearboxes.

?What is a gearbox

Gearboxes are referred to as a power transmission device in which the mechanical force from the generator source in the input part of the gearbox is converted into a different torque and rotational speed in the output part of the device (consumer part). This device is also known as a gear box, which is named because of the set of gears used in its design.

In this device, the power transmission process can be changed based on the user’s needs and working conditions, and for this reason, it is widely used in many work fields. According to the type of design and structure, gearboxes are produced in different types and models such as conical gearboxes, helical gearboxes, helical gearboxes, valve gearboxes, etc., and we will further introduce and examine the conical model of these devices.

Introduction of Bevel Gearbox

Conical gearboxes, which are also known as ball gearboxes, are one of the types of gearboxes used in many fields of work, especially in various industries, which are used to transmit power between two intersecting axes. The design of these devices is conical, as its name suggests, and conical gears are used in their construction. The input and output axes of these gears have an angle of 90 degrees, which makes them used in many work fields.

For example, the bevel gearbox can be used in places where coupling the input shaft of the gearbox with the motor shaft takes up a lot of space. Accordingly, using these gearboxes can be an effective way to optimize the installation space of these devices, especially in places where space is limited. Conical gearboxes are produced in different types and models according to the structure of the gears and the design of their teeth, which can be used in light and heavy work fields.

Types of bevel gearboxes

Bevel gearboxes are divided into two categories, gearboxes with simple bevel gears and gearboxes with spiral bevel gears, according to the structure of the gears used in their design. Gearboxes with simple bevel gears designed with straight and straight teeth are used in work processes that deal with low speed. On the other hand, the gears used in gearboxes with spiral bevel gears are designed with a diagonal angle.

In general, the application of the spiral bevel model of these gears is more compared to the simple bevel model. For example, in work processes that need to transmit power at a very high speed, a bevel gearbox with a spiral gear can be used. In addition to high speed, these gears also have significant resistance and strength, and for this reason, they can be used in the construction of machine tools. However, due to the type of design they have, their manufacturing process will be costly and time-consuming.

Introduction of spiral bevel gearbox

Spiral bevel gearboxes are one of the practical types of bevel gearboxes, which are placed in two categories, normal surface and rotating surface, in terms of the origin plane. Also, spiral bevel gearboxes can be divided into three categories according to the type of gears used in their design: gearboxes with Gleason spiral gears, gearboxes with Oerlikon gears and gearboxes with Klingerberg gears.

In the Gleason spiral model of these gears, the height of the teeth increases from the center to the circumference of the gear and gives a special conical-spiral structure to these parts. Gearboxes consisting of these gears are used in many industries including steel, cement, oil and gas industries. But in the Oerlikon spiral model of these gears, which looks similar to the Klingerberg spiral model, the height of the gears is fixed and only their curvature is different. The gearboxes containing these gears have lower costs compared to the Gleason spiral model and are less used in the design of industrial gearboxes.

Advantages of bevel gearbox

Bevel gearboxes have many advantages due to their design and structure, which we will introduce in this section. One of the advantages of these gearboxes is the possibility of changing the working angle in them, which has a great impact on the performance of these devices in many work fields. Also, these gearboxes have the ability to change the rotation ratio between the wheels, which is created due to the difference in the number of teeth. Through this feature, the torque of the second wheel can be changed by increasing the torque and speed of the first wheel.

Also, due to its type of design and structure, the conical gearbox has a very high resistance that can be used for a long period of time. For example, the cast iron shell of these gearboxes helps a lot to increase their strength and resistance. Another advantage of these gearboxes is their low noise during operation, which makes them widely used in many industries. Of course, the installation of bevel gearboxes must be done with high precision, and in the design of their shafts, it is necessary to use resistant bearings so that they can withstand the forces applied to them. In such a case, these gearboxes can show the best performance.

The website Drivelines has an interesting definition of bevel gearboxes: Bevel gearboxes are one of the most common items used in automation and power transmission applications. The name refers to the gear inside the gearbox – that is, the bevel gears – a single-stage unit that simply connects the beveled edges of two gears and transfers the rotation of one to the other, like interlocking fingers. done

Applications of bevel gearbox

Because of their advantages and capabilities, bevel gearboxes are used in many fields of work (light, medium and heavy), among which these devices can be used in fans, centrifugal pumps, filters. , bottle filling, elevators, spiral feeder, etc. The reason for using these gearboxes in the mentioned work fields is the need for smooth operation when working with light objects.

Also, these devices can be used to work with medium weight objects such as mixers, shakers, food industry machines, etc. Other applications of these gearboxes include their use in working with loads and heavy objects such as machine tools, shredders, mills, saws, etc. Also, bevel gearboxes can be used in work fields that require long transmission with low conversion.

Important points in buying a bevel gearbox

Before buying bevel gearboxes, it is necessary to pay attention to a series of points and factors that we will examine in this section. Among these factors, we can mention the input and output power, input and output speed and output torque of these devices, which must be selected according to the working conditions. Another factor in buying these devices is to pay attention to their conversion ratio, which should be selected based on work needs.

Since the efficiency of the gearbox has a great impact on the quality of the work process, it is necessary to pay attention to it when buying. The work factor is one of the other factors that must be considered when buying a bevel gearbox; Because the higher the working coefficient of these devices, the higher their resistance to load changes. Another thing in this regard is to pay attention to the installation location of these gearboxes, which must be taken into account when buying.

With this, a device with suitable conditions is selected, which also has acceptable performance and efficiency. Another point regarding the purchase of these gearboxes is to pay attention to the type of raw materials used in their design and that the components of these devices are of high quality. Finally, buy gearboxes for your work process that are produced and supplied by reputable brands and companies; Because these gearboxes usually have high efficiency and durability.

The price of the bevel gearbox

Various factors can affect the cost of bevel gearboxes, among which we can mention the technical specifications of these devices such as input and output power, input and output speed, torque and their efficiency. The conversion ratio and the working coefficient of the gearbox are other factors that cause changes in their prices, which must be taken into account when buying. Another thing is related to the structure of the bevel gearbox and the type of gears used in its design, which causes a change in its supply price.

The type of raw materials used in the construction of these gearboxes and the quality of their components have a great impact on the performance and durability of these devices, which causes changes in their prices. The gearboxes whose components are made of quality raw materials have higher efficiency and durability, and this also increases their price. The manufacturing quality of gearbox parts also has a great impact on the performance of these devices and their durability.

Gearboxes that use high-quality parts in their design usually have a higher price. Other factors influencing the price of bevel gearboxes include their brand and manufacturing company. Gearboxes that are offered by reputable and popular brands and companies have a higher price due to their high quality and durability. Of course, the role of sellers on the cost of these devices should not be neglected.

Online purchase of bevel gearbox

Today, various models of bevel gearboxes can be purchased both in person and online. Of course, buying these devices online has many advantages compared to buying them in person, which makes them widely used. In the online shopping method, there is no need to visit the store in person, and this also saves time and additional costs.

Also, in online shopping, it is possible to view the different models of these gearboxes along with their technical specifications and prices 24 hours a day and on all days of the week, for this it is enough to refer to the virtual pages of the stores that supply these devices. . Of course, buying from reputable stores can ease your mind of getting a quality and durable device. Based on this, we introduce you the store of Rehavaran Sanat Qomes, which offers the highest quality models of bevel gearboxes at reasonable prices.