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Helical gearboxes, which are considered industrial gearboxes, are very widely used and have a high variety. You can call 09125731994 to order all kinds of helical gearboxes.

The helical gearbox is one of the best-selling gearboxes in the market for these devices, which is used for heavy and semi-heavy jobs. These gearboxes can be used in many fields of work and in different industries due to their suitable dimensions and simple structure. Also, these gearboxes are available in different types and models so that they can be used in different working conditions.

These gearboxes are cost-effective and have the ability to install and carry easily in addition to high strength and durability. Considering the widespread use of these gearboxes in many fields of work and their important role in various industries, in this article we intend to introduce helical gearboxes to the types of these gearboxes, their components, advantages, applications, important points in purchasing. Let’s talk about these devices, factors influencing their price and how to buy them.

Introduction of helical gearbox

Helical gearbox, which is also known as 90 degree gearbox, was one of the most widely used gearboxes in various fields of work, which are included in the category of industrial gearboxes. In the design of these gearboxes, various parts such as gears, bearings, gearbox body, felt bowl, shaft, etc. have been used, and the quality of their construction has a great impact on their performance and efficiency. The two parts of the gear and the spiral used in the design of these devices are connected at a 90 degree angle, and this design has also made it possible to use them in many fields of work. Helical gearboxes have lockability and reversibility, and therefore these devices can be used in various industries.

Types of helical gearboxes

According to the type of appearance, helical gearboxes are produced in two models: cubic gearbox (book) and round gearbox (circular). Also, these devices can be divided into different models such as MVF gearbox, VF gearbox, FC gearbox and hybrid gearboxes in terms of input and output shafts. These gearboxes are available as base, flange and hollow shaft.

Components of helical gearbox

The components of helical gearboxes include gears, bearings, gearbox shell and felt bowl, shaft and spherical hub. The gears used in these gearboxes are designed in two ways, smooth and spiral, each of which has special features and working process. Helical gears have smoother operation and higher efficiency due to the high contact surface they have during rotation. Bearings are other important components in these gearboxes, which are designed to direct radial and axial forces to the gears.

This part helps the internal components of the gearbox to run better and increases the lifespan of the parts used in it. The shell or body of the helical gearbox forms the outer part of this device, which is made of cast iron or aluminum. This shell has a high resistance to vibration, which is used to cover its interior with special vascasin. Also, the lower part of the shell can be designed with a flange, a base or a hole shaft depending on the work needs. The felt bowl is also used in the design of these gearboxes to protect the internal space of the device against moisture and dust and prevent the leakage of coolant.

Advantages of helical gearbox

Helical gearboxes have many advantages and capabilities due to their features and structure. The first advantage of these gearboxes is the self-locking feature in their design. This feature of the helical gearbox can be used in various work processes such as working with building elevators, cranes and winches. The presence of this feature makes it unnecessary to install a brake on the electric motor in the aforementioned work processes.

Another advantage of these devices is their easy installation, which is also easy to carry. The endurance and high durability of these devices due to the use of hard steel in their design is one of their other advantages. Also, these gearboxes require little space during installation and their noise pollution during operation is low. Other advantages of these devices include easy maintenance, affordable price, and the ability to install at different angles.

In the definition of helical gearboxes, the Machinerylubrication website has said that: helical gears are gears consisting of an axis with a spiral thread that engages with a toothed wheel and moves. Helical gears are an older style of gears and a version of one of the six simple machines. It’s basically a helical worm gear set against what looks like a standard gear with slightly angled, curved teeth.

Applications of helical gearbox

Because of their features and capabilities, helical gearboxes are used in many fields of work, including the use of these devices in the conveyor belt system in the ceramic industry, belt lines and production machines. PVC in the plastic industry, machine conveyors in the textile industry, machine conveyors in the cement industry, as a soap mixer in the machines used in this field, blenders and mixers in the chemical industry, tablet production machines in the pharmaceutical industry, Machines used in the wood industry and paper rollings in the paper industry are mentioned. Production of road construction machines, use in product packaging systems, use in lathe machines, use in the design of compressors and small mills are among other applications of these gearboxes.

The performance of helical gearboxes compared to other gearboxes

The Mardon section of these gearboxes, which is always rotating, provides the ground for its rotation due to its connection to the gear. In other words, mardons provide the necessary power to rotate the gears of the device, which process cannot be implemented in reverse in mardons. Since the input shaft and the output shaft in these gearboxes are at 90 degrees and perpendicular to each other, these devices can be used in many work fields by providing a different function. Also, helical gearboxes have the property of non-reversibility in many conversion ratios, and for this reason, their function can be used in various fields, such as working with construction elevators, etc.

Important points in working with a helical gearbox

Before using these gearboxes, it is necessary to pay attention to a series of tips and instructions that we introduce in this section. The first point is to pay attention to the effective connection of the flange screws on the electric motor and that the coupling part of the device is installed correctly. The second point is related to the operation of the device in the early hours, which should not use the maximum load capacity during these hours. The third point is related to changing the gearbox oil, which needs to be changed after 6,000 to 8,000 working hours. Also, for these gearboxes, Vaskazin 150 should be used in moderate environmental conditions, and Vaskazin 220 should be used for hot and humid environmental conditions.

Time to replace helical gearboxes

As you know, the parts used in the construction of equipment have a limited life and after some time they need to be replaced. Gearboxes, as one of the most widely used equipment in many work fields, are not excluded from this case. Accordingly, from the presence of a series of signs in the parts used in these devices, it is possible to know when to replace them, which we will examine in this section. Helical gearboxes wear out after a lot of work, which manifests itself in two forms: sharpening and rejection.

In the sharpening stage, the contact surface of the end part of the gear is reduced and this problem makes the gearbox unable to withstand the pressure as before. This issue is mostly seen in elevators that do not come to a complete stop when these devices are stopped or move down slowly. In such a situation, it is necessary to replace the gearbox to prevent damage. The second condition, which is called rejecting, occurs when the wear of the gearbox has passed the sharpening stage and the device cannot bear any load when it is stopped, and it must be replaced as soon as possible.

Important points in buying a helical gearbox

Before buying a helical gearbox, it is necessary to pay attention to a series of tips and factors that can lead to the purchase of a quality and durable device. The first point is to pay attention to the type, model or type of the gearbox, which should be selected based on the work needs. As we mentioned, each of the types of flanged, base and hollow shaft gearboxes can be used in different working conditions. The second point is to pay attention to the conversion ratio or gear ratio in these devices, which must be chosen carefully.

If a gearbox with a disproportionate conversion ratio is used in the work process, the gearbox and other parts of the system will suffer damage and failure. The third point in this regard is to pay attention to the power and capacity of the electric motor in order to buy a gearbox suitable for its power and capacity. Among other factors that need to be considered when buying a helical gearbox is the type and material of the gears that are used in the design of these devices. The use of high-quality gears in the design of these devices helps a lot to increase their efficiency and effectiveness.

In relation to the type of gears used in the design of these gearboxes, it can be said that aluminum-bronze, nickel-bronze and phosphorus-bronze alloys are used in the construction of these components, and the price of the nickel-bronze type of these alloys is higher than others. more than. Another influencing factor on the performance of these devices is the manufacturer’s brand, which must be taken into account when purchasing. It should be noted that reputable and popular brands offer high-quality products with a long lifespan.

The price of the helical gearbox

The price of the helical gearbox depends on various factors, including the technical specifications of these devices, which we will examine in this section. The type and model of the gearbox can be an influencing factor on its price. As we mentioned, helical gearboxes are produced in different types such as flanged, base and hollow shaft, and their prices can be different. For example, the price of base gearboxes is lower compared to flanged gearboxes.

Another influencing factor on the price of these gearboxes is their size, the smaller size models of these devices have a lower price compared to other models. How to install the device is another factor that can change the price of helical gearboxes. Among other factors affecting the price of these devices, we can refer to the brand and their manufacturing company. For example, the price of helical gearboxes made in Italy is higher compared to Chinese models.

Online purchase of helical gearboxes

If you intend to buy all kinds of helical gearboxes, you can buy them both in person and online. Of course, nowadays the online method of buying these devices has many fans because of its advantages and this method is widely used. In online shopping, it is possible to access the virtual pages of online stores 24 hours a day, and there is no need to visit in person and spend extra time and money. Finally, many stores are active in the field of supplying different models of gearboxes, among the most reliable of them, we can mention the store of Rehavaran Sanat Qomes, which offers different models of helical gearboxes from the best brands and at reasonable prices.