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Stock conveyor (second class conveyor)

Stock conveyors or second-hand conveyors are used examples of conveyors that are of very high quality and durability. To order second-hand conveyor belt, you can call +9809125731994


Stock conveyors or second-hand conveyors are used examples of conveyors that are of very high quality and durability. Conveyors are very useful equipment in various fields of work, which are used to move and transfer goods from one department to another. Moving objects with these devices can be done in different sizes horizontally and vertically, and in some cases, these devices are also made with a curved design. The use of a conveyor belt in any work process will be accompanied by an increase in its execution speed, and this will also increase work efficiency.

One of the main uses of conveyor belts is the use of this equipment in factories and production workshops. With the help of these devices, the quality and work order can be increased in every work process, including production lines. Considering the optimal performance of stock conveyors and the reasonable price of these devices, in this article we are going to introduce second-class conveyors to the components of these conveyors, their different models, advantages, important points in buying this equipment, price and Let’s talk about how to buy them, which we hope will be of interest to you.

Introduction of second hand conveyor

Second class conveyors, also known as stock conveyors, are high-quality conveyors that are already in use. The probability of failure of these devices is low due to their durability and long life, and for this reason, these equipments can be used for a long time. The market demand for second-hand conveyors is higher compared to new conveyors, which can be due to the high efficiency of these devices along with their low prices. However, in order to prepare these conveyor belts, it is necessary to refer to the reliable centers that supply this equipment, so that the desired product can be purchased with high confidence and low costs.

Conveyors are available in different types according to their design and type of use, which can be classified based on the type, ability to change height, model, and other such things. These equipments are available in the form of metal conveyor belt, canvas conveyor belt, plastic conveyor belt, fabric conveyor belt and rubber conveyor belt, which can be used according to the working conditions. For example, fabric or plastic conveyors can be used to move soft and light objects. The second category conveyor belt is also available in different models, which we will introduce and examine further.

Large foreign conveyor sites such as Jrmholdingsalso have large warehouses of second-hand conveyors and justify their stock conveyor sales as: We all know very well that “last minute job” or “temporary “Can’t Wait” – Conveyors are a huge part of the manufacturing process, but often overlooked.

Different models of stock conveyors

Second-hand or stock conveyors are available in various models, including belt conveyors, bowl conveyors, roller conveyors, Mardon or twisting conveyors, and gravity or accordion conveyors. In the following, we will introduce each of these models along with their features and specifications.

Belt stock conveyor

The second category conveyor belt is a band of practical equipment in production lines, which are used to move and transfer all kinds of materials such as soil, cement, etc. In the design of these devices, smooth belts without treads and general wastes are used. The speed range of these conveyors was between 3 and 200 meters per minute, which can be adjusted according to the working conditions. These equipments are designed in two ways: zippered and concave. The zippered model of these devices is open during loading and becomes tubular and closed during transportation and opens again during unloading after transferring materials. The concave model of this equipment also prevents materials from spilling out during handling with their special design.

Conveyor belt of the second batch

A cup or bowl is used in the design of the conveyor belt, which can be used to move bulk materials. These devices are made with or without a cover and it is possible to move materials in them horizontally, vertically and inclined. It is possible to move grains, beans, cement and all kinds of rough and hot materials with this equipment.

Roller stock conveyor

Roller conveyors are also used to move heavy objects in short distances. With these conveyors, you can move all kinds of boxes and cartons with high weight and dimensions. The driving force of these devices can be provided through engine power, operator power, etc.

Mardon second class conveyor

Stock Mardon conveyor is one of the practical types of conveyor, which is also called spiral conveyor. This device operates with one axis and is used to move granular and powder materials. Of course, it is possible to move materials with this conveyor in an angular and vertical way.

Gravitational or Cardio conveyor

The gravity conveyor belt, which is also known as the accordion conveyor belt, works without the need for electricity, and it can bend according to the working conditions and needs.

Second class conveyor components

The stock conveyor consists of three parts: belt support, drive unit and pulley, each of these parts has an important role in the operation of this device. These parts are designed in different types and used in different places according to the conveyor model and its efficiency. Belt support in conveyors helps the belt move and prevents it from sagging during movement.

Since the sagging of the belt can interfere with the smooth movement of the second batch conveyor and its speed, this part of the conveyor is very important in its design. The pulley is another part of the conveyor whose job is to control the movement of the belt. In this equipment, at least two pulleys are used, one of which is responsible for power transmission. Also, with the help of these pulleys, the movement of the belt can be reversed and the required settings can be implemented in it.

Advantages of stock conveyors

The stock conveyor system has many advantages, including increasing the execution speed in various work processes. Also, using this system, heavy and bulky objects can be easily moved from one place to another. The use of these devices is associated with the reduction of human errors, and this also prevents possible risks in the workplace. By using this conveyor, labor costs can be reduced. Finally, one of the advantages of second-hand conveyors is their low price compared to new models of these devices.

Important points in buying a used conveyor belt

Before buying a stock conveyor belt, it is necessary to pay attention to a series of points and factors, including the type of conveyor belt, the tension and speed of the conveyor belt, the width of the conveyor belt and its conformity with the width of the product to be moved, the length of the conveyor belt and He pointed out its compatibility with the desired distance to move the products, the tread of the conveyor belt especially in the steep distances, the U or V shape of the design of the treads, the raw materials used in the design of the second category conveyor parts and the quality of its parts.

Stock conveyor price

First of all, it should be noted that the price of the stock conveyor belt is low compared to the new models of these devices and there is no need to spend a lot of money to buy this equipment. However, various factors can affect the final price of the second-class conveyor belt, including the model of the conveyor belt, the amount of tension of the device, the length and width of the conveyor belt, whether it is treaded or not, the material The primary used in the construction of these equipments, the quality of construction and the brand of their manufacturer.

Of course, the price of low used conveyors will be higher compared to other stock conveyors. Among other factors affecting the price of these equipments, we can mention the sellers who offer these devices at different prices. On this basis, we introduce you to the store of Rehavaran Sanat Qomes, which provides the best models of these conveyors at reasonable prices to its customers.

Online purchase of second-hand conveyors

Conveyor stock can be purchased in person or online. Of course, the online purchase of this equipment has attracted a lot of attention from buyers due to its many advantages. In the online purchase of this equipment, there is no need to go to the store in person, and this also saves the time and costs of the purchase process. Also, in the online purchase of second-class conveyors, it is possible to refer to the store’s virtual pages at all hours of the day and night and view different models of these devices. Of course, we recommend you to buy this equipment from reputable stores. Now, if you are looking to buy a reliable and durable stock conveyor, we will introduce you to the reliable store of Rehavaran Sanat Qomes, which provides you with the best models of these devices.

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