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Gearbox, (industrial gearbox) or gear box is a power transmission device that is used to create the desired torque and speed in the output part of the system. This device is placed between the power producing part and the consuming part and provides the required speed and torque. Gearboxes are used in many fields of work and in the design of many equipments and play an important role in their performance and efficiency.

Gearboxes are produced in different types and with special designs, and they can be used according to the working conditions, among which we can mention reducing and increasing gearboxes. Considering the high importance of using these devices and their wide application in many work fields, in this article we intend to introduce these devices to their types, components and components, important points in buying these devices, price And how to buy them.

Introduction of industrial gearbox

The industrial gearbox is a power transmission device that receives mechanical power from the generator source and transfers it to the consumer part with a different torque and rotational speed. Since the meaning of Gearbox in Farsi language is gear box, many people also know this device as gear box. These devices carry out the process of power transmission based on the user’s needs and continuously. The importance of using gearboxes is determined when there is a need to display the input power of the device in a different way according to the work requirement. In such a situation, the use of this device can help the continuous transfer of this power according to the user’s needs.

Also, these devices play two important roles in the mechanism of different systems, and accordingly, they can be placed in two categories of reducing and increasing gearboxes. Gearbox reducer is an interface between the driving part and the moving part of the system, which provides the desired speed based on working conditions. Most of the gearboxes are of this model, which are supplied with different types. The booster gearbox, also known as the high-speed gearbox, is used in some industries where torque and speed changes are needed to achieve a high speed along with a low torque. These devices are used in refinery industries and wind turbine design.

The reliable site Premium-transmission has made a simple definition of industrial gearbox; An industrial gearbox is a system in which mechanical energy is transferred from one device to another and is used to increase torque and decrease speed.

Types of industrial gearbox or gearbox

These devices are available in different types and models according to the type of design and usage they have, including solar, helican, spiral, pendant, industrial, valve gearbox, variable speed, bevel gearbox, servo gearbox. Mentioned motorcycle and cyclo. In the following, we will introduce and review more of each of these devices.

Solar gearbox

Planetary Gearbox is one of the most common devices in light and heavy industries, which is used to increase or decrease revolutions. These devices are designed as single-stage and multi-stage and are widely used in high powers and revolutions. Gearbox conversion ratio in these devices is between 3 and 7 and they work in the speed range of 0.5 to 800 rpm.

Helical gearbox

Worm Gearbox is one of the common and widely used types of these devices in the industry, in which a steel maroon and a helical gear are used in its design. These devices are used in many fields, including the design of elevators, due to their smooth operation. Also, these gearboxes can be installed in 8 different modes, which makes them easy to use.

Helical Gearbox

Helical gearbox is another practical type of these devices, which is also known as direct shaft gearbox. A number of gears are used in the design of these devices, which have a helical or spiral structure. Among the features of these devices, we can mention the smooth movement of the gears and their ability to reduce the sound. Among the common types of these devices, we can mention the flanged model, the base model, and a combination of both.

Industrial gearbox

This device can be introduced as a type of helical gearbox that is designed with very high torque and power. Among the different types of this type of gearboxes, we can mention the single-axis, multi-axis, Russian, camel, and frog models. These devices are produced single or coupled and supplied based on their weight.

Hanging gearbox

Hanging gearbox, which is also known as hanging shaft, is another practical type of these devices, which uses multi-axis capability in their design. This feature helps the device to generate high conversion ratios. A large amount of oil is used in the design of these gearboxes, and this also increases their thermal capacity compared to other devices. For this reason, it can be said that these gears have higher durability and longevity.

Variable speed gearbox

The variable speed gearbox is another type of application of these devices, which is used to increase or decrease the engine speed without generating torque. According to the type of design, these devices are available in variator variable speed, money belt variable speed and hydraulic variable speed.

Servo motor gearbox

This device is one of the practical types of Gearbox, whose performance is different from other gearboxes in terms of matching inertia and reducing speed. This device is also known as the most durable and cheapest gearbox.

Cyclo gearbox

This device is one of the most modern and advanced gearboxes in the market, which has high resistance against heavy loads. The load distribution in these devices is the same and there is no slack in them. The appearance of these devices is similar to sun gear boxes, with the difference that in their design, bearings with unusual rotation are used instead of pinion gears.

Gearbox components

In the design and structure of gearboxes, various components and parts such as gears, gearbox shell, input shaft, interface and output shaft, bearing, gear handle, slider, slider, brass gear and leakage insulation have been used, which are introduced in this section. And we will review them.

The gears

The gears are the most important part of these devices, which are designed in different types and shapes according to the Gearbox model. A number of gears are used in the structure of each gearbox, each of which indicates a gear or a type of torque and speed range.

gearbox shell

The shell forms the outer and covering part of these devices, which is made of cast iron. Various Gearbox components including gears, axles and bearings are placed in this section.

Gearbox input shaft

The input shaft is another component of these devices, which is also known by other names such as clutch shaft and clutch axis. This shaft plays the role of the Gearbox driving axis, which is connected to the gears in the input section of the gearbox.

Intermediate shaft

The intermediate shaft, which is also known as the lower axis, is another part of these devices that transfers the torque in the driving part to the moving part. A number of gears of different sizes are used on this shaft.

Gearbox output shaft

The output shaft is another implementation of these devices, which is also known as the main axis. This axis, on which gears are installed, directs the power provided in the gearbox to the rotating shaft.

Gearbox bearing

The bearing part of this device, which is also known by other titles such as gearbox bearing or coordinating gear, is locked with the gears with its sliding mode and provides the conditions for their movement.

Gearbox gear lever

The gear handle forms the outer part of these devices, and in order to change the gear, this lever piece needs to move in an H-shaped path.

Mahek gearbox

Mahek is a metal piece with a curved structure that is used in the design of industrial gearboxes. With the movement of the gear handle, the force from it is applied to the moon and provides the conditions for the movement of this part. The movement of the wheel itself is the basis of the sliding movement of the gears and gears.

Gearbox slider

The gear slider is one of the other components of these devices, which uses two grooves in its design. One of these grooves is designed to place the shaft and the other groove is designed to place the brass gear or bearing.

Gear brass gear

The brass gear is one of the components of the Gearbox, which is used to engage the bearings with the sliding gears. These ribs have a metal and ring-like structure, and their surroundings are designed in the form of teeth.

Gearbox leakage insulation

Leak insulation, which is also known as felt bowl, is another component of gearboxes, which is used to protect bearings from dust particles. Also, this insulation prevents dust from penetrating the oil inside this part.

Important points in buying a gearbox

Before buying these devices, it is necessary to pay attention to a series of points and factors, including the type and model of the gearbox, gear ratio, input speed and power, and output speed. Another factor that needs to be considered when buying these devices is the way to connect the Gearbox to the desired system, which is usually done in different ways such as coupling, belt and pulley, direct coupling, flange, clutch, etc.

Among the other important factors in buying these devices are the axial load, operating time, size and weight of the gearbox, temperature of the working environment and its installation method, which must be taken into consideration when buying these devices. Finally, buy the gearboxes you want from reputable brands and sellers.

Gearbox price

Various factors can affect the price of these devices, the most important of which are the Gearbox model, its design type, device usage type, technical specifications, torque capacity, device dimensions, raw materials used in its design, quality The manufacture of parts and the brand of its manufacturer mentioned. The price of large size gearboxes that have high torque capacity is higher compared to small size models.

Another effective factor on the price of these devices is the type of gears used in their design, which must be taken into account when purchasing. Finally, the gearboxes that have high efficiency are also offered at a higher price, among these devices, we can mention solar and helical gearboxes.

Online purchase of gearbox

If you intend to buy different models of Gearbox, you can buy them both in person and online. Of course, nowadays online shopping of these devices is very popular among buyers due to its many advantages and this method of shopping is widely used. In the online shopping method, there is no need to visit the store in person, and buyers can buy these devices by spending the least amount of time and money.

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